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Branding Debate: Does Logo Design Really Matter?

Your company’s logo is not just any other visual that you create to promote your business. It plays a significant role in defining your brand. You will have it in brochures, business cards, websites, social media pages, and much more marketing material all aimed at taking your business to the masses. The process of creating a logo for your business shouldn’t at all be taken lightly.

The fact is there are thousands of businesses trying to catch the attention of their customers. Successful brands are those that have a unique identity. Companies create this identity through many ways and logos are one of them. Since your logo will be visually present throughout your products and services, it becomes the ultimate face and representative to your business.

That means, depending on how you design your logo, it can be a very effective marketing tool and so, a company / graphic designer must follow some basic rules when creating this image.

Choosing a unique design for your logo

The thing is, some of the top ranked memorable logos available in the market today don’t necessarily depend on the same elements to identify with the crowd. The Apple Computer logo as an example relies on a concept image; whereas Lacoste adopts a much more quirky approach. Coca-Cola’s logo focusses on a calligraphic style typeface almost exclusively. Taking all of this on board, you still need to make critical decisions when you set on a journey towards deciding on the appropriateness of a logo for your company. As a matter of fact, there are no strict right or wrong rules that relate to the types of logos that should or shouldn’t be used by specific industries. However, you must analyse what you want your logo to communicate, before making any final decisions.

With a powerful logo design that incorporates great design elements, your viewers will automatically become buyers. Here are some vital aspects of a logo to pay attention to when choosing a logo for your company.


Your Customer should be able to get the essence of your logo design at a glance. When your customer identifies with your logo design, they are more interested in your products also. Take for instance the Ride Safe Tyres logo’s main focal point, which relies on an illustration to communicate to their audience. A glance at the logo tells the viewer that Ride Safe Tyres will provide them with excellent handling and grip when racing, and so the only thing on the customer’s mind should be of reaching the finish line in pole position!


Your logo should be easy to remember by everyone. Using a single element for your logo is a great way to make it memorable. Incorporating many elements makes the logo complicated and difficult to remember. Having a simple logo is the key. The Apple logo for instance relies on the simplicity, and cuteness of a memorable icon.

Effective in Black & White

Sometimes you’ll need to use your logo in print media such as on newspapers, photocopies, faxes, and in many other places where there’s no use of colour. The rule of the thumb is to ensure your logo design is equally impressive with and without colour. 


Lastly, it’s important to ensure that your logo retains all of its intricacies and elements when scaled up or down. From pens, business cards, large banners and window decoration, the value of a good logo design will outperform any potential contender to that field – maximising your advantage to its fullest!


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